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It's Tea O'Clock

There is something meditative, calming and comfy about taking a tea break. The ritual of going into the kitchen to put the kettle on, waiting for it to boil, select and measure the leaves, letting the water cool down if it’s green or white tea and then waiting for it to brew is a treat. It captures all senses: hearing the bubbling water, smelling the tea, watching the leaves steeping and unfolding in the water, seeing the colour of the cup, feeling the warmth of it in your hand and finally tasting the tea. In the winter, tea is like a hug and in the summer as iced tea super refreshing.

My favourite LEAF tea (Photo Nina Möller)

If I am really busy and things are hectic, I just throw a teabag into my mug, sure. But I much prefer making a pot of loose-leaf and give myself a few minutes to calm down and relax. I like to get my supply from Leaf. A friend introduced me over a year ago to this independent company that was started in 2007 by friends in a Liverpool gallery. Now, they can be found in several cities where they run cafés that serve their over 70 top-quality loose-leaf teas alongside a full menu of food from locally sourced ingredients. They also hold events like music nights and are open from early till late. Leaf’s mission is to bring people together over a good cuppa and, fittingly, their motto and mantra is “where there’s tea, there’s hope”.

Their blends have won several Great Taste Awards and I’m presenting you today my favourite, the White Tea Champagne Cassis. Normally I’m not big on flavoured teas so this was a revelation. There is nothing artificial about it, all notes blend perfectly into a subtle tea with a touch of berry and blossom. It is the ideal tea for a nice afternoon on the balcony in the sun and being llow in caffeine means I can have it any time of day. The tea comes in a tin which means it keeps nice and fresh and is sustainable by making refills very easy. Now excuse me while I disappear to put the kettle on…

LEAF's White Tea Champagne Cassis (Photo Nina Möller)

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